SYNOPSIS: It’s a new day for Rivanna Public High School’s Thunderbird lacrosse team. The nearby private Christian school has shut its doors for good, dumping Chaz and his former teammates into the jaws of the public school system. Are they strong enough to survive? Are they good enough to become Thunderbirds?

The clash with the new team is tremendous. Tolerance for this group of “Jesus-loving losers” is nil. Chaz learns that his new environment is not one where he can wear his faith on his sleeve... instead he must live it everyday, every moment. Chaz will have to play harder than he’s ever played before to stand a chance at the State Title. Along the way their new head coach sees a spark in Chaz that he himself used to have... a faith that means more than grades, more than girls, and even more than Championships.

Through the help of his coach and a tragic turn of events, Chaz and his teammates learn that what it will take is UN1TY, both on and off the field, if they hope to overcome their grief, resolve their differences, and ultimately make it to the top.

UN1TY... Faith. Triumph. Relentless Lacrosse.

UN1TY... it’s like

The Blind Side meets

Remember the Titans

on the Lacrosse Field!